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This website is all about urban exploring

Atelier Decor

Manoir de la Fleur

My name is Tom and as a photographer my passion goes towards Urban Exploring also known as UrbEx.

Urban Exploring pretty much means going there where most people don't (dare) to go.
I'm having this hobby for over 5 years now and I've visited several abandoned locations all over the world.
Feel free to browse through my pictures and like or share my website.

Chateau Nottebohm

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New set online:

This place was to believed well guarded by the neighbour, thankfully we did not encounter this person: Maison Boon

New set online:

First time we weren't able to get in, this second time at least I got in and took some pictures: Church of Decay

New set online:

Looking for another location, which sadly was closed we stumbled upon this manor: Manoir Oiseaux

New set online:

Re-edit from 2014: Maison Castafiore. Click on the picture to watch the photo album.

New sets online:

Added new set off pictures in Belgium: The Morgue and Hotel B.

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